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The A6-CPS digital phase locked loop (PLL) can be customised to a specific application and shipped ready for use in production.

To facilitate integration with your systems the A6-CPS can be shipped for customer configuration of adjustable parameters using the RS232 interface. When configuration is perfected, the parameters can be fixed in production by Quartzlock prior to shipping quantity requirements.

The A6-CPS digital PLL may be fitted into the Quartzlock A6 frequency convertor with BVA OCXO, rubidium, GPS or other options.

The customer has a choice of OCXO’s to fit onto or outside the A6-CPS digital PLL pcb.  A customer specified A6-CPS Digital PLL may be smaller than the PCB pictured and fitted inside an OCXO sealed case.

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 10 MHz
Output Level +7 dBm into 50 Ohms
Number of Outputs 1
Phase Noise 1Hz -110 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 10Kz -160 dBc/Hz
PSU Nominal 24 V dc
PSU Min 14 V dc
PSU Max 30 V dc
Current 150 mA
Supply DC

Optional Extras

Below you can choose from a range of optional extras to ensure the closest match to your requirements.

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    Configurable digital phase-locked loop, direct digital synthesiser, clean-up loop


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