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The A6-1PPS uses a three-state Kalman filter algorithm to measure and correct the frequency offset of the oscillator with respect to the 1pps input.


  • A time tagging circuit which time tags the incoming 1pps with a resolution of 200ps, and an inherent jitter of < 1ns rms. The internal clock analogue interpolator is self calibrating.
  • An interface to the GPS receiver decodes messages and extracts relevant information, such as time correction data for the 1pps output.
  • A 1pps output which has the short term stability of the rubidium/ OCXO ( jitter <100ps RMS). This output may be steered into time coincidence with GPS time/UTC. Steering resolution is 1ns.
  • Holdover mode is initiated by failure of the 1pps input, or by reception of appropriate data from the GPS receiver that indicates that the 1pps is inaccurate. During holdover measured values of frequency offset and drift is used to steer the oscillator. The output 1pps will still be available.
  • A comprehensive computer interface that can be used to monitor the progress of the Kalman filter, and to set parameters for the type of oscillator to be controlled. communication with the GPS receiver is possible through the single interface. Operating parameters are stored in non volatile memory.

1PPS Timing Module technical Article gives a technical overview of the Quartzlock 1 Pulse Per Second Timing module.

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 10 MHz
Output Level +13 dBm +/-2 dBm into 50 Ohms
1 PPS Output 1
Number of Outputs 1
PSU Min 14 V dc
PSU Max 30 V dc
Supply 150 mA

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    Enables a reference signal to be locked to an external 1PPS signal such as GPS


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