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The A7000 frequency/phase analyzer is an improved version of the previous model A7 for measuring a wide range of frequency standards, Oscillators, isolation amplifiers, frequency multipliers, dividers and passive devices such as cables.

The instrument is self-contained with an internal phase meter and needs no external counter. A PC running Windows operating systems with one USB port provides a simple user interface with immediate calculation and graphing of Allan variance. Tau (gate time) values from 100us to 100 seconds may be used. The measurement data can be stored via USB interface which prevents Windows from losing data. The phase has a 128k buffer which provides complete protection to the data if the computer fails during a measurement run. The internal 128k volatile sample memory can be upgraded to 512k nonvolatile 512k memory to store a larger amount of measurement data. The stored data may be stored to disk for analysis with an external program such as Stable 32.

No calibration required to measure two different frequency using A7000 software.  

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