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Quartzlock's E10-LN is Low Noise Rubidium Atomic Oscillator module with highest performance. Quartzlock's Low Noise Rubidium Oscillator employs Quartzlock's "Active Noise Filter" technology to achieve a Phase Noise specification of -115dBc/Hz at 1Hz or lower, typical short term stability of <2E-12 and typically towards <1E-12 and Spurii are <-80dBc. Warm time is 5 minutes. Retrace to 3E-11 after 24h off and 1h on. Drift is 100 x less than an OCXO. The E10-LN has an ageing figure of 5E-12/day

When powered by an external 12V dc low noise supply, this Low Noise oscillator stays cool at 7W consumption.

When mounted internally, without forced air cooling, this small module on PCB (without enclosure) measuring just 95.5 x 60 x 37mm is easy to accommodate in a 2U or 1U case. Mass: <300 grams. Volume: 15cc. 

A clear cost / benefit can be demonstrated at the highest end of frequency control applications. A reduction in background noise in a system, by employing low noise rubidium, enables enhanced surveillance and monitoring performance, signals will be heard where previously "lost in the instrumentation's own noise". Put simply, reduced close in phase noise and jitter enhances any security establishments’ capability, to raise the sensitivity of reception, at a tiny fraction of the monitoring equipment cost.

As a reference for Spectrum Analyzer, signal source, direct digital synthesisers (DDS), Vector Noise Analyser (VNA), panoramic adaptor, modulation analyser and other quartz clocked products, a Low Noise Rubidium oscillator will reduce drift, synchronise all instruments to the same frequency and reduce phase noise.

The Quartzlock "brand" is a "Promise of Innovation", advanced design and excellent service. The E10-LN embodies this promise.


  • No drift
  • High stability
  • 2 year warranty
  • RS232 interface
  • Low phase noise to -115dBc/Hz @1Hz
  • Stability <2 x 10-12/s


  • Frequency calibration
  • Telecom network synchronisation
  • Broadcast
  • Cellular wireless base stations


  •  Low cost, high performance reference
  • Fits 1U case
  • Low failure risk
  • Simple systems integration

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A low noise miniature, low cost, rubidium oscillator module that maintains the high frequency & time accuracy required for demanding applications.


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