About Quartzlock

For more than 5 decades Quartzlock have been specialising in measurement science, and building off-air (LF and GPS) and atomic (rubidium and hydrogen) frequency referencing standards and calibration equipment.

Our products are used worldwide for referencing and calibration at the highest level in research and development, production testing, frequency referencing and time & frequency metrology.

How have we achieved this position?
We are an engineering-centric business – engineers run Quartzlock.

It starts with design. Our research and development team constantly strive for the defining engineering solution to time and frequency challenges using analysis and modelling, circuit simulation and innovative design for product realisation.

We then engineer a solution using state of the art materials combined with appropriate ergonomic and industrial design to create our own special blend of industry standard products and bespoke solutions. Our more parametric and accurate specifications, and lower limits of uncertainty save our customers time and money.

The result?
Your business benefits from:

  • superb build quality
  • more accurate calibration
  • longer warranties
  • fast turn round for maintenance or routine calibration

Our customers come back to us because Quartzlock products, and the measurement science behind them, improves their profitability. They include Aeroflex,  Astrium,  BAe Systems,  UK Ministry of Defence,  Chinese Space Industry, Maths & Physics Institutes including Wuhan Maths Institute,  CNES,  EADS,  German Defence Agency,  L3,  Lockheed,  Motorola, Pakistan Defence Agency,  Rakon,  Qinetiq.

Awards and Standards

  • NIST Traceable Standard
  • Framework 4 Award 2002
  • NPL Referenced
  • Five DTI Smart Awards
  • Spur Award
  • ISO 9001 compliant

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