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The Quartzlock E8010 GPS Disciplined Rubidium is an exceptionally low cost, traceable, 1-U rack mount, calibration-free, off-air frequency & time standards. These references maintain the high frequency & time accuracy required for demanding applications. Ultra low noise option are available.


  • Low distortion 10MHz sine & 1PPS outputs
  • 1x10-12 accuracy
  • No drift
  • High stability nationally & internationally
  • 1 year warranty
  • Lowest cost available
  • Very long production life & support.
  • Low noise options: -112dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz offset and -160dBc/Hz. @ 10 KHz


  • No calibration required
  • Traceable reference


  • Calibration of counters, frequency meters, spectrum & network analysers, synthesizers, & communication analysers
  • Reference for VHF, UHF & PMR TX, CDMA, Tetra, DTV & DAB
  • Production test frequency standard
  • Network time protocol use in financial, utilities, security & communications timing
  • OEM
  • Standard for calibration labs, radio workshops, labs and stations


Quartzlock’s hydrogen maser based laboratory is used in production test & quality assurance to ensure compliance with offset and stability specifications.

Standard Specification:

Optional Extras

Below you can choose from a range of optional extras to ensure the closest match to your requirements.

Option 00 - Seamless Battery Back-up Switch (Redundant Switchover)

    Option 09 - Add 6 Output Distribution Card

    • Description: Add 6 Output Distribution Card
    • Output Level: 13dBm
    • Number Of Outputs: 6
    • STS 1s: 2x10-13
    • STS 10s: 2x10-14
    • STS 100s: 5x10-15
    • Phase Noise 1Hz: <130dBc
    • Phase Noise 10Hz: <145dBc
    • Phase Noise 100Hz: <150dBc
    • Phase Noise 1Kz: <155dBc
    • Phase Noise 10Kz: <155dBc
    • Harmonics dBc: -55dBc
    • PSU Nominal: 12V
    • PSU Max: 11V
    • PSU Max: 14V
    • Current: <100mA
    • Supply: DC

    Option 47 - Add High Gain GPS Antenna & Standard PSU

      Option 48 - User Specified Low Noise Output

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        1U rack mount, traceable, calibration-free, GPS disciplined rubidium frequency standard.


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