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A universal reference source with good signal purity, suitable for standard reference frequency generation from a 10MHz frequency standard. All common reference frequencies may be generated with absolute accuracy referred to an external reference input.

A convenient CW source, may be programmed to 5 different CW frequencies using the USB interface, and then used standalone without connection to a PC.

Wide range of modulation modes including ASK and FSK modes.

Wide frequency range 380kHz to 3GHz
Low phase noise <-106dBc ( 10kHz offset) at 1GHz
Low spurii typically <-80dBc
Accurate output levels typically ± 0.5dB –18dBm to +13dBm

Low harmonics (above 1MHz) typically <-40dBc


Wide range of modulation modes
External reference input
Zero frequency error with Ext. Ref.
PC or Standalone operation


12Vdc Operation
Wide range of modulation modes
ASK and FSK modes
Four user memories


Receiver testing

Testing 433MHz data transmission systems

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 380kHz to 3GHz
Output Level –18dBm to +13dBm
Number of Outputs 1
Harmonics dBc <-40dBc
Spurious dBc <-80dBc
PSU Nominal 12Vdc
PSU Min 10Vdc
PSU Max 15Vdc

Optional Extras

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