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The E10-CPT is designed using the Coherent Population Trap (CPT) method. In comparison with the traditional atomic clock, there is no cavity and the lamp has been substituted with a Laser spectrum lamp. The E10-CPT has low power consumption and miniaturization has been realized in the CPT atomic clock with the procession of MEMS


Precise Timing Synchronisation
+3.3V DC Input
Low Power Consumption <1.5W
SA.45s Compatible
1PPS output


Stability to ≤2.0E-10/1s
Accuracy ≤5.0E-11
Long Term Stability ≤3.0E-11
External 1PPS Synchronization


Satellite Communications
Secure Communications
Navigation Systems
Reference for: DTV, DAB, VHF, UHF& PMR TX, CMDA, UTMS, LTE, Tetra and IPTV
Extended Holdover for CDMA and WiMAX Base Stations

Network Time Protocol use in Financial, Utilities, Security and Communications Timing

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 10MHz
Output Level HCMOS
1 PPS Output HCMOS
Number of Outputs 1
STS1s 2.0E-10
STS10s 7.0E-11
STS100s 2.0E-11
Aging 1 Day 3.0E-11
Phase Noise 10Hz -90dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 100Hz -120dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 1Kz -140dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 10Kz -145dBc/Hz
Warm Time <5 min @25C
Retrace 5.0E-11
PSU Nominal 3.3Vdc
PSU Min 3.15Vdc
PSU Max 3.45Vdc
Current 1.8A Max
OT Min -45C
OT Max +70C
ST Min -55C
ST Max +85C

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