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The Quartzlock A1000 Frequency Reference is a 1U rack-mounted Rubidium Atomic Clock based instrument. Exceptionally low drift is a unique parameter for the A1000. The hourly and daily stability and drift performance are "best available", typically 8x10-13/day, at the 10MHz, low distortion, sine wave, 50 Ohm output.

Warranty is 3 years.

Very high reliability stems from the physics package and Quartzlock's electronics. Long term production has led to MTBF's of well over 100,000 hours.

The A1000 Frequency Reference has a high reliability inbuilt 110 - 240V ac power supply with low noise characteristics.

The A1000 can accommodate many "standard" options to meet customers’ specific applications. Multiple outputs, alternative output frequencies to the standard 10MHz. Mixed output frequencies and ultra-low noise and highest short term stability options all set the A1000 apart from any other 1U frequency reference @ -123dBc/1Hz for 5MHz and-170dBc/100kHz for 10MHz outputs.

Applications include: Space Ground Control Frequency Referencing, Wired and wireless telecom network synchronisation, HDTV and other AM, FM Satcom (Satellite Communications Equipment) and Broadcast TX applications.

Key features

  • Low phase noise
  • Low drift
  • High stability
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Options include custom output frequency

Key applications

  • Systems & test solutions
  • Atomic Frequency reference
  • Rubidium Frequency standard
  • Wireless transmitter reference

Standard Specification:

Optional Extras

Below you can choose from a range of optional extras to ensure the closest match to your requirements.

Option 00 - Seamless Battery Back-up Switch (Redundant Switchover)

    Option 02 - E1 Output 2048kHz

      Option 03 - T1 Output 1544kHz

        Option 04 - 13MHz Output

        • Description: 13MHz Output
        • Output Frequency: 13MHz
        • Number Of Outputs: 1

        Option 05 - TTL Output

          Option 07 - 10.24MHz Output

          • Description: 10.24MHz Output
          • Output Frequency: 10.24MHz
          • Number Of Outputs: 1

          Option 08 - 10.23MHz Output

          • Description: 10.23MHz Output
          • Output Frequency: 10.23MHz
          • Number Of Outputs: 1

          Option 09 - Add 6 Output Distribution Card

          • Description: Add 6 Output Distribution Card
          • Output Level: 13dBm
          • Number Of Outputs: 6
          • STS 1s: 2x10-13
          • STS 10s: 2x10-14
          • STS 100s: 5x10-15
          • Phase Noise 1Hz: <130dBc
          • Phase Noise 10Hz: <145dBc
          • Phase Noise 100Hz: <150dBc
          • Phase Noise 1Kz: <155dBc
          • Phase Noise 10Kz: <155dBc
          • Harmonics dBc: -55dBc
          • PSU Nominal: 12V
          • PSU Max: 11V
          • PSU Max: 14V
          • Current: <100mA
          • Supply: DC

          Option 18 - Add Additional 1 to 5 Years Warranty (18.1 = 1 Year … 18.5 = 5 Years)

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            Rubidium frequency reference is a 10 MHz high-stability standard with flexible output options and very low cost of ownership. Part of our new '1U' range, the A1000 is accurate, stable, customisable and very cost effective.


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