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Ultra Low Noise, Rubidium Frequency Standard.

New Quartzlock A10-MX Ultra Low Noise  10MHz


Frequency Referencing, Calibration, Standards Lab, Production Test for Oscillator Manufacturers

A very high stability LOW NOISE 10MHz Rubidium Reference, primarily for production test of quartz oscillators and RF instrumentation frequency referencing. This industry standard 2U rack-mount instrument has a long heritage and ongoing production life for this latest 2009 version that features RS232 monitoring and control of the DPLL, locking the Ultra Low Noise OCXO to the Rubidium. Damping and Bandwidth is controlled by integrator digital gain, proportional digital gain, pre-filter order and subsample rate. Eight values of user selected bandwidth are available.

Phase noise to -115dBc/Hz @ 1Hz offset & noise floor of -170dBc/Hz with excellent short term stability at E x 10-13/s. Frequency accuracy of E-10 with bi-annual calibration or E-13 with GPS locking input option fitted (with QL E8-Y/E8000 GPS T&F ref)

This industry leading product can offer 100MHz outputs with circa -180dBc/Hz noise floor.

Ultra Low Noise multiple outputs are available. The internal distribution amplifier features -140dBc/Hz @1Hz offset,  >110dB isolation @ 10MHz and 90dB @ 100MHz.


  • 2U 19" rack mount
  • 10MHz output


  • 1MHz, 5MHz, 10.24MHz, 13MHz
  • E1, T1, 1pps, GPS sync, BBU
  • Multiple 1, 5, 10MHz

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 10 MHz
Output Level +7 dBm into 50 Ohms (75 Ohms available)
1 PPS Output No
Number of Outputs 1 (up to 12 Outputs available)
STS1s 5x10-12
STS10s 5x10-12
STS100s 8x10-13
Aging 1 Day 5x10-12
Aging 1 Month 5x10-11
Aging 1 Year 4x10-10
Phase Noise 1Hz -110 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 10Hz -135 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 100Hz -148 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 1Kz -155 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 10Kz -155 dBc/Hz
Harmonics dBc -40 dBc
Spurious dBc -80 dBc
Warm Time 5 min
Retrace 3x10-11
PSU Nominal 230 V ac
PSU Min 90 V ac
PSU Max 240 V ac
Supply AC (or 12 V dc - allows UPS operation)
OT Min - 40 C
OT Max + 65 C
ST Min - 55 C
ST Max + 85 C

Optional Extras

Below you can choose from a range of optional extras to ensure the closest match to your requirements.

Option 00 - Seamless Battery Back-up Switch

    Option 01 - Distribution Card 1 Input 4 Outputs

      Option 02 - E1 Output 2048kHz

        Option 03 - T1 Output 1544kHz

          Option 04 - 13MHz Output

          • Description: 13MHz Output
          • Output Frequency: 13MHz
          • Number Of Outputs: 1

          Option 05 - TTL Output

            Option 07 - 10.24MHz Output

            • Description: 10.24MHz Output
            • Output Frequency: 10.24MHz
            • Number Of Outputs: 1

            Option 08 - 10.23MHz Output

            • Description: 10.23MHz Output
            • Output Frequency: 10.23MHz
            • Number Of Outputs: 1

            Option 18 - Add Additional 1 to 5 Years Warranty (18.1 = 1 Year … 18.5 = 5 Years)

              Option 28 - Change to QL10 High Performance Rubidium Oscillator From LPRO

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                Metrology-performance rubidium frequency reference, LPRO standard option


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