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The E80-GPS provides a stable and accurate calibration free GPS time & frequency with multiple output signal formats in an easy to install 1U rack mountable chassis. This reference maintains high time and frequency accuracy required for demanding applications.
The added advantage of the internal rubidium module is that there is no measurable difference between the stability when locked to GPS or in Holdover mode with measurement times up to 1000s.


  • 1x10-12 accuracy
  • No Drift
  • 50ns 1PPS accuracy to UTC
  • RS232 NMEA NTP Time Reference
  • Excellent holdover performance up to measurement times up to 1000s


  • No calibration required
  • National & International traceable reference
  • Caesium replacement


  • Frequency Reference for: Satellite Communication ground stations, VHF,UHF, PMR TX, CDMA, Tetra, DTV & DAB, wired & wireless network sync
  • Production test frequency standard
  • Frequency Standard for counters, signal generators, spectrum & network analysers
  • Stratum 1 primary reference clock

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 10MHz
Output Level 10dBm +/-2dBm
1 PPS Output 1
Number of Outputs 1
STS1s 1x10-12
STS10s 5x10-12
STS100s 8x10-13
STS1000s 6x10-12
Aging 1 Day 5x10-12
Aging 1 Month 4x10-11
Phase Noise 1Hz -110dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 10Hz -138dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 100Hz -152dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 1Kz -155dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 10Kz -158dBc/Hz
Harmonics dBc <-40dBc
Spurious dBc <70dBc
Warm Time <30Minutes
Retrace <30Minutes
PSU Nominal 15Vdc
PSU Min 11Vdc
PSU Max 18Vdc
Current 1.5A Warm up 600mA Steady State
OT Min -20C
OT Max +60C
ST Min -40C
ST Max +70C

Optional Extras

Below you can choose from a range of optional extras to ensure the closest match to your requirements.

Option 09 - Add 6 Output Distribution Card

  • Description: Add 6 Output Distribution Card
  • Output Level: 13dBm
  • Number Of Outputs: 6
  • STS 1s: 2x10-13
  • STS 10s: 2x10-14
  • STS 100s: 5x10-15
  • Phase Noise 1Hz: <130dBc
  • Phase Noise 10Hz: <145dBc
  • Phase Noise 100Hz: <150dBc
  • Phase Noise 1Kz: <155dBc
  • Phase Noise 10Kz: <155dBc
  • Harmonics dBc: -55dBc
  • PSU Nominal: 12V
  • PSU Max: 11V
  • PSU Max: 14V
  • Current: <100mA
  • Supply: DC

Option 47 - Add High Gain GPS Antenna & Standard PSU

    Option 48.B - Low Noise Output -85dBc/Hz @1Hz

      Option 48.C - Low Noise Output -108dBc/Hz @1Hz

        Option 48.D - Low Noise Output -113dBc/Hz @1Hz

          Option 75 - Add Internal Battery

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